*Respect/listen to school personnel

*Keep hands to yourself

*Respect other’s property – Do not touch or steal the property of others

*No teasing or bullying-Be helpful, kind, and friendly

*Use clean/decent language

*Respond to adults when addressed-Use sir, ma’am, please,    thank you

*Have permission before leaving your seat/desk/chair/table

*Be honest – No lying, no cheating

Report any problems to an adult.


* Maintain low noise level – No yelling

*Walk to the right – No running

*No kicking, hitting, throwing

*The following are NEVER to be brought on the bus or to school

*Drugs, including medication of any type

* Tobacco or alcoholic beverages

*No Lighters, knives, guns, or any other device that can cause harm


* Stay in designated areas

* Follow the dress code

* Take care of your school-Do not cut or deface school property/do not touch lights/fire alarms

* Leave non-related school items at home (toys, cards, games,   cell phones, etc.*Report any problems to an adult


*Raise your hand to speak

*Have all material for class (signed papers, notes, homework,  etc.)

*Keep desk area clean and organized, No eating or chewing  gum in class

*No sleeping in class, Do not talk excessively

*Be at school on time


*Do not open stall doors when in use

*Be cautious of wet floors

*Leave lights

*Limit your use of soap and paper towels, Flush the toilet after  each use

*Throw paper towels in the trash can, No running on concrete  areas

*Do not urinate on wall, floor, stalls, or others No fighting,  kicking, or pushing

*Use restroom at designated times


*Do not use excessive soap/paper towels

*Clean eating area before leaving table

*Do not throw food or trash around at the table

*Be quiet in the cafeteria

*Do not run through the lunch line


*Treat bus drivers with respect

*Do not throw items out of the bus

*No hanging or climbing Keep entire body inside the bus

*Remain seated when bus is moving No eating or drinking on  bus