St Landry Charter School Splish Splash, Fun Day

St. Landry Charter Students had a blast at the All Free, No COST Friday Fun Day. There were three giant water slides, a dunking, a Duck Pond, a Cake Walk, basketball, and much, much more.

SLC’s event planner, Marchelle Comeaux, solicited the help of parents and staff to make this a successful end-of-year celebration for our students.

DJ and parent, Robert Gradnigo, added to the festivities with super fresh music. Everybody got on the Jigga Train. Choo-Choo!!!!
Parent Kelly Babineaux-Leday transformed students into Princesses, Disney Characters, and more at the face-painting booth. Her works of art were amazingly beautiful.

Following the cafeteria meal of Hotdogs, students were served nachos topped with creamy, melted cheese later in the afternoon. Kevin Johnson prepared a delicious “sauce and rice’ meal for staff and parents. “Yum-Yum.”

Cases and cases of bottled water were donated by our parents to keep students well-hydrated throughout the event. They also generously supplied the Little Debbie snack cakes for the cake walk, pickles, chips, and other goodies.

At the end of the day, every student was given a St. Landry Charter summer backpack filled with treats and ready to be used as a safe place for their valued items or for over-nights visits to friends and family. Our board member, Anitria Gradnigo, donated the beautiful, monogrammed bags. The Fun-Day was indeed a blast! No Stones were left unturned to ensure that students enjoyed their Free, No Cost to them an end-of-year spectacular celebration.

We are already planning for next year’s event to be even bigger and better! We welcome ideas from our families and community supporters.

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