All students are required to wear the following uniform:

Shirts/tops:  Collared, unisex gray polo-style — must be correctly fitted, worn properly and neatly, be in good repair, and of correct color and shade.  Fitted uniform shirts with capped sleeves are not allowed at SLCS. T-shirts worn as undershirts must be solid white, black, or the school-approved PE shirt.  All shirts must be entirely tucked in.

Bottoms: Full-length, waist-high, belted, uniform-style navy blue slacks, & walking shorts may be worn. Kindergarten-1st grade students may wear pants and shorts with an elastic waistband. No other additions or styles are allowed. Some of the restrictions include, but are not limited to: no outside pockets; no cargo pants or shorts; no outside zippers or lacing; no decorations such as embroidery, emblems, slogans, or colorings; no hip-huggers, bell-bottoms, stretch pants, skinny jeans, over-or-undersized fits; no rivets; no non-hemmed material; no shorts higher than one (1) inch above the knee when kneeling, etc.

Belts: Solid black or brown leather belts, with no distracting buckles (such as large western belt buckles), must be worn at all times with bottoms designed with belt-loops, and must be worn entirely fitted in the belt loops.

Socks: Crew socks must be worn at all times. Only white or gray socks are allowed. Little girls’ tights/leggings (for winter) must be navy, white, or gray.

Shoes: Only athletic-style, school appropriate shoes are allowed for K-8. Minimal color accents and designs will be permitted. Sandals, checkerboard, lighted heels, cartoon characters, neon colors, rubber boots, & “toe shoes” are unacceptable; Work boots are unacceptable as well. All footwear must be closed toe and fitted with a backing over the heel.

Outerwear: Gray sweatshirts are the only permissible outerwear allowed to be worn in the classroom. Sweatshirts must not be worn around the waist or shoulders. Sweatshirts can have your name on the back, but NO nicknames will be allowed. Uniform shirts must be worn under sweatshirts.  Sweatshirt hoods are not to be worn in the classrooms or buildings.

Blue jean days and free dress days: The policy for these days is the same as for uniform dress–students are to be neat and orderly, and clothing should be properly fitted and worn. Students must follow the designated dress code. With permission from administration, occasionally on Friday students in K-8 are given a “jean day.” If students come to school with inappropriate jeans, parents will be called to bring a change of clothing. The second offense will result in loss of privilege.


Hair should be neatly groomed and maintained. The following examples are hairstyles that are not allowed: Extreme hairstyles, unnaturally colored or dyed hair, “feathers,” “tails,” “Mohawks,” designs shaved into the scalp, excessive or distracting up-dos or weaves, etc. that are deemed a distraction (educational or personal) by the administration are not permitted. Girls’ hair should be neatly combed and out of the eyes. Boys’ hair cannot be longer than the top of the collar, the eyebrows when combed straight down, and the mid-ear. Height of hair cannot be a distraction or block other students’ view. Neat dreads can be worn, but rules regarding length still apply. Extensions and weaves may be worn but cannot present a personal or educational distraction. Excessive piling or length is not allowed (boys and girls). No facial hair, including sideburns below mid-ear is permitted. If a student must be reminded of proper grooming, disciplinary action will be taken until the problem is solved.


Students are not allowed to wear makeup.


Distracting jewelry and accessories are not allowed. One pair of small earrings in girls’ earlobes is allowed. Other body piercings are not permitted. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings of any kind. Tattoos are not to be visible.

False fingernails of any type including acrylics, gels, or wraps are not permitted. Natural nail tips must be no longer than the average length of ¼” over the tips of the fingers. No nail polish of any kind or color is permitted.

Students who attend or participate in school-related functions such as banquets, dances, ceremonies, or programs where uniforms are not required still must dress and groom appropriately for the occasion. No short, tight, oversized, or suggestive clothing may be worn. Shirts must be decent: no halter-tops, spaghetti straps, or suggestive shirts will be allowed. Skirts, shorts, and dresses must be knee-length or longer, dress slacks are usually appropriate. No offensive, demeaning, suggestive, or inappropriate logos or designs are allowed. Grooming/hygiene must fit the occasion. Any student in violation of these standards may not be allowed to attend or participate in the event.

CAPS: Caps, bandanas, hats, and other headgear, as well as sunglasses, are not to be worn during school hours.

No smart watches of any brand are to be worn on campus at any time.